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Spring trends 2021: Sewing Pattern Roundup

I mentioned this in my last post on spring trends, but just a quick reminder that I am in no way implying that trends should dominate the way you dress (unless you want them to). I just think it's fun to see where fashion and styles are going and what people are into, and it's a good chance to play around with what works for you and maybe discover a whole new style that you never even knew you would love!

With that said, let's get into the trends!

Long, Swingy Trench Coat

This extra-long, wide-hemmed trench coat style is all over the spring releases right now. Depending on the styling and details, a trench coat can be an ambitious project for a beginning sewer, but several of the patterns I found are geared towards more beginning sewers and offer options to simplify things a bit if you prefer.

Martha Trench Coat - Fibre Mood | Juliet Coat - By Hand London | Isla Trench Coat - Named Clothing

My favorite option for this spring is the Juliet Coat from By Hand London. It has that 50s swing coat shape that just looks like so much fun to wear!

The Shacket

I've seen a lot of people hating on the shacket lately, but I gotta say, I'm a big fan of the shacket! Yes, it's shapeless and definitely might not be the most flattering for all figures, but it just looks so comfortable and easy to throw on, and it brings me right back to the 90s in a big way! You know how, in really early spring, you just want to throw those windows open and enjoy that fresh air but it's not really warm enough for that yet? Well, just throw on a shacket and open up your windows!

S9239 - Simplicity | Indira Dress - Fibre Mood | Ilford Jacket - Friday Pattern Co.

The length of the Indira Dress and Ilford Jacket add some elegance to the silhouette, but you could easily lengthen or shorten either of them to make them more of a jacket style. On the other hand, you could lean in to the shirt dress style (below) and add a belt to either of the longer patterns for a really versatile piece. And those sleeves on the Simplicity pattern are a stunning statement option.

Wide-Leg, Loose-Fit Pants

To really stay on trend, these should fit slim through the hip and then flow straight down the leg line. There's a pretty strong push away from skinny jeans at the moment - though I am in no hurry to give up my comfy, stretchy skinnies! - so anything with a looser fit through the leg is going to look more current right now.

Pietra Pants and Shorts - Closet Core Patterns | Pantalon Narcisse - Deer and Doe | Flint Pants and Shorts - Megan Nielsen Patterns

Jackie Trousers - By Hand London | Joss Pants - Seamwork | Marett Pants - Seamwork

I'm leaning towards the Pietra Pants myself - I really like the clean lines and overall silhouette. That lovely long seam on the Marett pants is calling to me as well.

Stretch Midi Dress

These just seem like the most versatile wardrobe pieces around - I can't believe I haven't always had a ton of these in my closet! Yes, they can have a tendency to display "lumps and bumps". Either embrace them as a beautiful part of what makes you "you" or invest in some shapewear. I've never been big on shapewear so for me it's either learn to love my body or don't wear the things I love, and I'm not big on that latter option. Stable stretch knits and strategic ruching can also go a long way.

Olivia Wrap Dress - Named Clothing | Agate Pencil Dress - Named Clothing | Kim Fitted Midi Skirt - Rosy Pena Patterns

I had a hard time finding exact matches for this style, which is somewhat surprising, but it is a super-easy shape to self-draft. I made one myself a few weeks ago, and all I did was trace the shape of a t-shirt I love, and then I used my hip measurement to draft out a skirt shape and cut it all out of a pretty patterned jersey from Surge Fabrics. But if self-drafting is just not your thing, the patterns above offer some pretty close options to re-create the midi stretch dress look.

Flowy, Folksy Dresses

As the weather gets warmer, there is just nothing else I want to wear but a loose-fitting, flowy dress. The best part is, even though they are the easiest thing to throw on and wear, they often look super cute and put-together! The trend incorporates super flowing lines, asymmetrical hemlines, and tiered skirts.

Tamzin Dress - By Hand London | Cascade Skirt - Megan Nielsen | Feliz Dress - Fibre Mood

Wilder Gown - Friday Pattern Co. | Axel Skirt - Megan Nielsen | Floreat Dress & Top - Megan Nielsen

Shirt Dresses

The theme of 2021, much like 2020, is of course comfort and ease of dressing. Most of us aren't going out much, and a shirtdress bridges that gap between comfortable and easy to wear at home but also totally appropriate if you are going in to work or just need to do a grocery run. Dresses in general are awesome - it's easy dressing at its best. For some reason I am just really NOT a skirt person but I'll wear a dress every day of the week.

Lempi Button Down Dress - Named Clothing | M8140 Parker Blazer Dress - McCalls | Ivory Dress - Fibre Mood

Reeta Shirt Dress - Named Clothing | Kalle Shirt & Shirt Dress - Closet Core Patterns

Honestly, I think I'm just going to combine the shacket trend with the shirt dress trend and make one longish shirt jacket that I can also belt if needed. But we'll see.

Fancy Fleece

Kind of along the lines of "secret pajamas", this trend is all about upgraded essentials - sweatshirts with ruffles, or a full sweatsuit in cashmere. A lot of what is going to make these patterns successful is not about the shape as much as the fabric and styling choices you make.

Rudy Sweatshirt & Mel Sweatpant - Seamwork | Ohara Pants - Ralph Pink | Jarrah Sweater - Megan Nielsen

Mabel Top - Fibre Mood | The Rival Dress - George + Ginger | Southbank - Nina Lee

If my entire wardrobe could be made up of items like this, that would a-ok. I LOVE the full sleeves and ruffle details on the Mabel Top so that pattern might be in my future.

Matching Bralette and Cardigan Sets

These are definitely inspired by the matching twinsets of the 90s, but with a modern twist. Gotta be honest, this is one trend I will not be trying. (I'll wear the shortest shorts ever but baring my midriff? Apparently that's the line.) It's a cute look though, if it works for you!

Capri Bralette - Ralph Pink | Jamie Cardigan - Ready to Sew | Little Black Bra - George + Ginger

Pattern companies aren't making sets like this, per se - at least not that I could find - but all you need is any bralette pattern and any cardigan pattern, whip them up in matching fabric, et voila!

All the Leather

Leather pants, leather pencil skirts, leather shirts. If you can make it, you can make it in leather (or pleather, or vegan leather, or leatherette, or whatever you get the idea). Side note: I have also noticed lots of influencers wearing jackets (like the one shown above from ASOS) as standalone dresses.

Pantalon Acajou - Deer and Doe | M8149 Sterling - McCalls | Bea Culotte - Fibre Mood

Isra Shirt - Fibre Mood | Juliette Skirt - Ready to Sew

I am hesitant to actually try this one for myself. Neither leather nor pleather breathe, at all, and that makes pants pretty much a no-go for this sewist. However, I am seriously intrigued by the McCalls and Ready to Sew patterns. Never having sewn with leather, it would be a fun challenge.

Oversized Collars

This is such a cute trend! It's basically a peter pan collar on steroids.

M8180 Mallory - McCalls | Bakerloo Blouse & Dress - Nina Lee

I don't usually pull off "cute" very well, but one can always try! Either of these patterns would look super cool in a chambray, which is another 2021 trend.

Well, that'll do it folks. I'm definitely adding some of these to my plans, and if you read this before March 31 (2021), you should hop over to the McCalls website because they're having a $2.99 pattern sale! Happy Spring and happy sewing!

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