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Spring Trends 2021: Colors, Prints, and Fabric Roundup

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Never feel like you have to participate in a trend if it doesn't suit you or interest you. Personally, I just like being aware of trends because sometimes they inspire me to try something I otherwise might never have considered. For example, I never thought I would be an over-the-knee boot sort of person. But I gave them a try back when they were super on trend and now they are something of a staple item in my wardrobe. I never would have thought they could be so versatile! Trends and fashions can do that for us: help us to experience something new and a little bit outside of our comfort zone. You might try it and hate it - and that's fine. You might look and it and say "no way!" - and that's fine too.

First, we will review the trendy prints and colors for the upcoming season. This can provide some inspiration as you shop for fabrics for your upcoming sewing plans. Any of these colors and prints can be incorporated into the sewing patterns and clothing items that we will explore in a minute, but I recommend that you still focus on building the core of your spring wardrobe around your personal best colors, and sprinkle some of these more trendy tones in for a bit of fun.

Colors and Prints

Note: Inspiration items are all from H&M, Zara, or ASOS.

Saturated Pastels

Pastels for spring is hardly revolutionary, but the shades this time around are more on the vivid and bright side of pastel. Think bubblegum pink and tennis ball green.

Splashy, in-your-face florals

Again, not pushing the envelope too far with this one, but it seems designers are counting on consumers feeling cooped up and ready to revel in some brighter, larger floral prints this spring.

The more "out there" the better: think florals on cheetah print or Hawaiian tie-dye.

Checkered Prints and Gingham

A nod to a more rustic feel in some of the Spring styles, and it coordinates well with the 70s prints you'll see in a minute.

Bonus points for this checkered print in bubblegum pink:

Allover Denim

I have to say I am drawn to this trend much more than I would have thought I'd be. I think an allover denim jumpsuit or a denim shirt dress/shacket might be in my future.

Black and White

Crisp, classic. I know this is technically a "trend" for 2021, but honestly, is black and white ever not on trend?

70s Style Colors and Peasant Prints

It's been around for awhile and it's not going anywhere yet. Rusty oranges, maize yellow, and sage greens are still big this spring, along with the peasant-y tops in ditzy florals. I'm not mad about it.

Fabric Roundup

In addition to the links and resources listed below, your local thrift store can be a great source of on-trend fabrics on the cheap: checkered curtains? An old denim jacket? Get creative with it!

Some of my personal favorite fabric resources are:

Surge Fabric Shop

Fabric Wholesale Direct

Denver Fabrics

Brooklyn Craft Company

There you have it! I was going to include spring styles and sewing patterns in this post, too, but it's already getting pretty massive so I'll be organizing those into their own post. So enjoy the inspiration, start building up that fabric stash, and stay tuned for the Spring Trends sewing pattern roundup!

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