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The Body Style Quiz

This quiz combines concepts from Kibbe along with my own research to identify your best fit base body type along with the style of your body flesh. It will then help you find your best fit ID from within the different systems so you can start incorporating the suggestions that work for you!

It is helpful to have a photo of yourself at hand, taken straight on and standing at relaxed attention.

No email required, no registration!
Which MOST closely describes the bone structure of your face? 

Note how, in face A, the width of the cheekbones tapers down into the length of the face. Face B, however, maintains more of the width of the cheekbones down through the length of the face. Face B also has a slightly wider (at the base) and shorter nose than Face A. The features of Face C are more evenly spaced within the region of the face, and no particular feature really stands out. Face D has a roundness to the tip of the nose (you can really see the difference if you compare it with the sharpness at the tip of Face A's nose). The features take up more of the available "real estate" of the face, and there is noticeable roundness to the lips and eyes.

Which MOST closely describes the base structure of your torso/upper body? 

Torso A has an overall straight up-and-down appearance, as opposed to the obvious variation in width from top-to-bottom of Torso B and D. Torso A is more elongated than Torso C, which has a more compact and regular structure. Torso A will often, though not always (and dependent on weight) have a noticeable sharpness to the tops of the shoulders and the elbows. On Torso B, the arms tend to hang straight down from the shoulders, which are very structural than the others. Torso B and D both have a wider rib cage, but Torso D has shorter arms and a more sloping shoulder line.

Which MOST closely describes the base structure of your lower body? 

The widest part of Lower Body A tends to sit very low on the hip, almost at the upper thigh. The shinbone of Lower Body B is noticeably long and lean at ideal weight, and the hips are of a moderate width throughout, without a pronounced curve (to the bone, not necessarily the flesh). Lower Body D has wide-set hipbones, and the widest part tends to sit high. The bones of the legs may appear wide. Lower Body C is compact with fluid lines.

Which best describes the overall quality of the flesh/features on your face?