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outlines for the kibbe types

kibbe theory basics

New to Kibbe Image IDs?

David Kibbe's ID system a unique style of "body typing" that has really transformed the way I style my wardrobe! Then you can click the links below to learn more about the best ways to find your type.

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This quiz is a great way to help you narrow in on your body's style and lines.

Really appreciate the analysis from Dorrie. :) It is clear and well structured. Now I have much better understanding on my body type and dressing styles. Not to mention the delivery is faster than due date even at year end holiday season. Thank you Dorrie! Happy New Year!


worth every penny, and then some! if you’re on the fence, i’m here to push you over. the results i received (within 24 hours!) was incredibly detailed and very informative. i am looking forward to implementing some of these principles into my wardrobe/style. i honestly couldn’t recommend enough.


Did a really thoughtful job of determining my Kibbe type. She explained why she thought I am the type she suggested and I think she nailed it. She was able to give me advice for dressing and styling for my lines. This advice will help steer me toward clothing that will compliment me and help me to purchase items that I love instead of clothes that just sit in my closet!


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